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A Legacy Born From Ambition

Shankara's journey from a small start to becoming a nationally recognized entity.

Shankara began in 1995, inspired by a vision of independence and self-reliance. Starting as a small enterprise in South India, it quickly grew, reflecting the nation’s aspirations to innovate and excel. This journey transformed Shankara from its modest beginnings to a prominent national presence.
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Shankara's Growth

From local operations to nationwide expansion

As India opened to global economic partnerships in the 1990s, Shankara also expanded, paralleling the nation’s growth. From Karnataka to Maharashtra, Shankara’s over 90 stores across ten states mirrored India’s infrastructural boom. Our wide-ranging product portfolio, developed through partnerships with leading brands, caters to all home construction and renovation needs. Reflecting India’s economic rise, Shankara’s revenue reached about Rs. 2,500 crores in 2022, indicating our growth and earned trust alongside India’s economic ascent.

Shankara's Global Footprint

Merging Traditional Values with Modern Goals

As India gains global recognition for its fusion of tradition and modernity, Shankara reflects this dual legacy. Rooted in enduring values while focusing on the future, Shankara embodies India’s progress. Each brick laid and home built symbolizes the joint advancement of our company and nation, moving together towards a brighter, more prosperous future.

Our Brands

Explore the diverse portfolio of renowned subsidiary brands housed by Shankara. Every brand echoes our unwavering dedication to impeccable quality, groundbreaking innovation, and tailored solutions across distinct verticals. From industry-leading steel offerings to avant-garde ceramics, our brands stand as pillars of excellence, catering to a broad spectrum of requirements with unparalleled expertise.
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Crafting Spaces with Premier Products

Serving the Heartbeat of India

From the bustling streets of Bengaluru to the tranquil terrains of Meghalaya, our ethos has always resonated with India’s. Serving diverse patrons, from homeowners to architects, our journey mirrors India’s story – diverse, dynamic, yet rooted in tradition.

Comprehensive Product Range

Expertise Across Segments

Unparalleled Dealer Network

Bespoke Enterprise Solutions

Genuine Products & Manufacturers

Support & Expert Guidance

Latest From Shankara: Updates & Insights

“I recently renovated my bathroom with Jaquar fittings purchased from Shankara BuildPro. The variety and quality are impeccable. Great service too!”

Ashok Nair

“We built our dream kitchen with hardware from Shankara. Their in-house brand Taurus is just outstanding in quality and design.”

Meena R

“Purchased Grohe bathroom fittings from Shankara BuildPro. The quality and finishing are top-notch. Happy with the purchase!”

Rohit S.

“The Duravit sanitaryware I bought from Shankara has transformed our bathroom. The elegance and quality are unmatched!”

Srinivasan K.

“Opted for Shankara BuildPro for our new home’s plumbing needs. Vaigai products are of exceptional quality. Completely satisfied!”

Kavita Rao

“The electrical fittings from Fotia, available at Shankara BuildPro, are safe and reliable. Their store staff was also very helpful.”

Anand Iyer

“Bought Kohler bathroom accessories from Shankara. Elegant designs and superior quality. Highly recommend!”

Pooja Patel

“Our new roofing from Ganga Gold is not only sturdy but also aesthetic. Shankara BuildPro delivered quality as promised!”

Naveen M.

“The variety of tiles at Shankara is amazing. We particularly loved the collection of Fotia. Excellent quality and designs.”

Ramesh B.

“Purchased Taurus steel pipes from Shankara BuildPro. Quality and durability is assured. Staff was very knowledgeable and helpful.”

Geeta V.

“Transformed my bathroom with Jaquar fittings from Shankara. The quality, design and service, all were excellent!”

Arjun K.

“I always rely on Shankara for all my home improvement needs. The Duravit products are my personal favourite!”

Lalitha S.

“Recently bought Grohe bathroom fixtures from Shankara BuildPro. Exceptional design and quality. Totally worth the investment!”

Harish M.

“I am extremely satisfied with the electrical solutions provided by Shankara BuildPro. Fotia products are reliable and safe.”

Preethi J.

“Our new home’s entire plumbing and fittings are from Vaigai, purchased at Shankara BuildPro. The quality and service exceeded our expectations!”

Vikas K.


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