Empowering Tomorrow's Hope

Need Base India

Collaborating with Need Base India since 2009, we’re ensuring the holistic growth of street children, providing education, protection, and health, steering them towards brighter futures.


Established in December 2009, Need Base India champions the fundamental rights of children, especially those living on the streets. This non-profit ensures the provision of care, protection, health, and education, focusing on children under challenging circumstances, including those who have dropped out of school.

Shankara’s Contribution

Shankara has played an instrumental role in bolstering the efforts of Need Base India. Notably, the company has been actively supporting schools in KSRTC Colony, Shanthinagar, and Dayanand Nagar, Srirampura, both in Bengaluru. These schools cater to 85 and 80 students, respectively, and with Shankara’s backing, these children receive comprehensive schooling, accommodation, food, and clothing.

Uplifting Communities, Enriching Lives

Concern India Foundation

Joining hands with Concern India Foundation, we’re enhancing community well-being, focusing on healthcare, girl child welfare, and supporting the elderly, crafting a tapestry of positive change.


Established in 1991, Concern India Foundation stands at the forefront of education, health, and community development. The foundation has made a significant impact by providing healthcare assistance, adopting needy girls, and supporting the elderly.

Shankara’s Contribution

Shankara’s partnership with Concern India Foundation primarily involves providing critical financial assistance to bolster the foundation’s noble initiatives. Notably, our collaboration with the Jala Nela-Water Shed Programme in Ranibennur has been pivotal in championing sustainable agriculture and bettering the livelihoods of marginalized farmers.

Beyond Boundaries, Embracing Abilities

Amar Seva Sangam

With Amar Seva Sangam, our commitment runs deep. From vocational training to medical camps, we’re weaving dreams of independence and empowerment for the differently-abled.


A pillar in disability management in rural areas, Amar Seva Sangam is renowned for its robust services. This organization, led and managed by the physically challenged, has significantly uplifted the differently-abled community.

Shankara’s Contribution

Our alliance with Amar Seva Sangam spans several years, wherein we have focused on vocational training and medical check-ups. Additionally, Shankara sponsors critical initiatives like spinal cord checkups.

Serving Senior Citizens with Care and Compassion

HelpAge India

In partnership with HelpAge India, we’re illuminating the golden years of millions of elders, ensuring they experience health, dignity, and happiness, reshaping the narrative of ageing in India.


For nearly four decades, HelpAge India has been the beacon of hope for disadvantaged elderly citizens. From welfare to development, HelpAge India has transformed countless lives, impacting over 2 million senior citizens annually.

Shankara’s Contribution

In a step towards fostering better healthcare for the elderly, Shankara has funded a mobile health care van. This vehicle caters to a range of medical needs, including facilitating cataract operations.

Offering Lifelines to Children with Type 1 Diabetes

Idhayangal Charitable Trust

Together with the Idhayangal Charitable Trust, we’re channeling resources and compassion, ensuring children from BPL families receive the medical support they need, crafting stories of health and hope.


Founded in 2004 by a group of Indian doctors based in the UK, the Idhayangal Charitable Trust is dedicated to offering medical support to children with Type 1 Diabetes, especially those from Below Poverty Line (BPL) families.

Shankara’s Contribution

Our association details with the Idhayangal Charitable Trust are being updated to ensure we provide the latest and most impactful data.

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