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Shankara Building Products Ltd is renowned as India’s leading destination for home improvement and building materials. With decades of service to homeowners and professionals, we’ve established ourselves as a trusted provider of a wide range of quality products. Our vast selection, featuring over 90,000 SKUs, demonstrates our commitment to fulfilling every building and renovation need. Balancing tradition with innovation, we continuously strive to enhance the building experience across India.
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Crafting Spaces with Premier Products

Serving the Heartbeat of India

From the bustling streets of Bengaluru to the tranquil terrains of Meghalaya, our ethos has always resonated with India’s. Serving diverse patrons, from homeowners to architects, our journey mirrors India’s story – diverse, dynamic, yet rooted in tradition.

Crafted with You in Mind

Shop with Confidence

When you shop at, you can rest assured knowing that you are purchasing genuine products from over 125 top brands. We are committed to offering the best prices and pass on the benefits of our high-volume purchase efficiencies directly to our customers. Moreover, our direct relationships with brands mean that our customers can avail of free manufacturer warranties without hassles.

Premium Products at Best Prices

Expert Guidance at Your Fingertips

Navigating through a home renovation or construction project can be challenging. To assist you in making the right choices, we have a team of trained staff ready to guide you. From offering insights into the latest trends to providing product recommendations, our team is here to facilitate a smooth shopping experience.

From Digital to Doorstep: Unmatched Accessibility

Expansive Physical Network, Prompt Deliveries Nationwide

Our e-commerce platform is complemented by our expansive physical presence, with stores spanning across tier 1, 2, and 3 locations in several states. This network allows us to offer prompt delivery services, making sure the products reach your doorstep in a timely manner.

A Seamless Shopping Journey

Intuitive Design Meets Market-Driven Innovations

At, we prioritize your convenience. Our user-friendly website is designed to offer a seamless shopping experience, making it easy for you to find and purchase what you need, when you need it. Additionally, we are constantly working to enhance our offerings based on customer feedback and market trends.

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Get detailed insights into our products and services with our brochure. Download now to explore Shankara Buildpro’s comprehensive range, including exclusive offerings and specifications. Ideal for architects, builders, and homeowners, our brochure is your guide to making informed decisions for your construction and renovation projects.

Comprehensive Product Range

Expertise Across Segments

Unparalleled Dealer Network

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Support & Expert Guidance

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Bringing Shankara BuildPro Closer to You

Discover top-quality building materials at Shankara BuildPro. Easily find your nearest store with our Store Locator. Ideal for new constructions or renovations, our conveniently located stores offer a wide range of products. Visit us for all your building needs and let’s build dreams together.

Voices of Trust: Our Customers Speak

Real Stories, Real Transformations

Dive into the authentic experiences of our valued customers. Their journeys with Shankara BuildPro highlight our unwavering commitment to excellence, quality, and unmatched service. Discover how we’ve transformed spaces and lives, one project at a time.
“I recently renovated my bathroom with Jaquar fittings purchased from Shankara BuildPro. The variety and quality are impeccable. Great service too!”

Ashok Nair

“We built our dream kitchen with hardware from Shankara. Their in-house brand Taurus is just outstanding in quality and design.”

Meena R

“Purchased Grohe bathroom fittings from Shankara BuildPro. The quality and finishing are top-notch. Happy with the purchase!”

Rohit S.

“The Duravit sanitaryware I bought from Shankara has transformed our bathroom. The elegance and quality are unmatched!”

Srinivasan K.

“Opted for Shankara BuildPro for our new home’s plumbing needs. Vaigai products are of exceptional quality. Completely satisfied!”

Kavita Rao

“The electrical fittings from Fotia, available at Shankara BuildPro, are safe and reliable. Their store staff was also very helpful.”

Anand Iyer

“Bought Kohler bathroom accessories from Shankara. Elegant designs and superior quality. Highly recommend!”

Pooja Patel

“Our new roofing from Ganga Gold is not only sturdy but also aesthetic. Shankara BuildPro delivered quality as promised!”

Naveen M.

“The variety of tiles at Shankara is amazing. We particularly loved the collection of Fotia. Excellent quality and designs.”

Ramesh B.

“Purchased Taurus steel pipes from Shankara BuildPro. Quality and durability is assured. Staff was very knowledgeable and helpful.”

Geeta V.

“Transformed my bathroom with Jaquar fittings from Shankara. The quality, design and service, all were excellent!”

Arjun K.

“I always rely on Shankara for all my home improvement needs. The Duravit products are my personal favourite!”

Lalitha S.

“Recently bought Grohe bathroom fixtures from Shankara BuildPro. Exceptional design and quality. Totally worth the investment!”

Harish M.

“I am extremely satisfied with the electrical solutions provided by Shankara BuildPro. Fotia products are reliable and safe.”

Preethi J.

“Our new home’s entire plumbing and fittings are from Vaigai, purchased at Shankara BuildPro. The quality and service exceeded our expectations!”

Vikas K.


Latest From Shankara: Updates & Insights

Invest in Tomorrow's Promise.

Investor Central

Step into Shankara’s Investor Hub – your exclusive portal into our financial world. This space, crafted for our respected investors and partners, offers a wealth of insights into our fiscal milestones, expansion strategies, and the pivotal moves shaping our future.

Nurturing Communities, Building Futures

Our CSR Initiatives

At Shankara Buildpro, our commitment extends beyond commerce. We’re driven by a vision of community empowerment and enrichment. Aligning with esteemed non-profit partners, our CSR initiatives reflect our dedication to societal advancement and holistic growth. Through targeted projects, we aim to foster sustainability and well-being, ensuring a brighter tomorrow for all. Join us on this journey of positive change.

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