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At the core of Shankara Building Products Ltd lies a distinguished Board of Directors, a team of experienced professionals who uphold our corporate ethos while envisioning the roadmap for our future. Their collective wisdom, industry insights, and unwavering commitment have been instrumental in establishing Shankara as a frontrunner in the industry. Get acquainted with the stalwarts who have set the benchmark for excellence and leadership in our journey.

V. Ravichandar

Chairman & Independent Director

A veteran with over four decades in the consulting industry, V. Ravichandar has been shaping our company since 2007. His academic prowess stems from a mechanical engineering degree from BITS, Pilani, and a PG diploma in business management from IIM, Ahmedabad. Currently, he is the helm of Feedback Business Consulting Services Private Limited, and holds significant roles in various government setups in Karnataka.

Sukumar Srinivas

Managing Director

The foundational pillar of our company, Sukumar Srinivas has nurtured the firm since its inception. With a prolific career spanning 39 years in the building products industry, his vision and leadership have been the driving forces behind our success. A graduate from Loyola College, Chennai and a postgraduate from IIM, Ahmedabad, he continues to contribute significantly to industry associations.

B. Jayaraman

Independent Director

An expert in the realm of finance and business, B. Jayaraman brings 40 years of extensive experience to our board. A Chartered Accountant by profession, his journey has been marked by significant roles in companies like TVS and Delphi Automotive Systems. Currently, he lends his expertise to TVS Capital Funds as a Senior Advisor.

Chandu Nair

Independent Director

With a diverse career encompassing business consultancy, information, and media, Chandu Nair is a key asset to our team. His insights from various leadership positions, and his association with notable ventures and advisory firms, offer us a wealth of experience to draw from.

Jayashri Murali

Independent Director

An adept lawyer with 36 years of experience, Jayashri Murali brings a legal perspective to our board. Her associations with renowned law firms and her current independent practice contribute to our company’s resilient framework.

C. Ravikumar

Executive Director

C. Ravikumar, a key figure in our company since 1995, brings 35 years of experience in the steel pipes and building products industry. His insights and industry connections are vital assets in navigating the dynamic landscape of the industry.

RSV. Siva Prasad

Non-Executive and Non-Independent Director

A seasoned professional in sales, RSV Siva Prasad’s association with the company since 1995 has been marked with significant contributions in bolstering our market presence. His extensive experience is a cornerstone in our company’s growth trajectory.

Strategic Minds at the Helm

Driving Excellence Through Leadership & Expertise

In the dynamic world of building products, our Key Managerial Personnel play a pivotal role in ensuring Shankara’s consistent growth and market leadership. Armed with vast industry knowledge, strategic acumen, and a passion for excellence, they guide our teams, shape our decisions, and inspire innovation across the board. Dive deeper to understand the remarkable individuals who contribute daily to the Shankara legacy

Ereena Vikram

Company Secretary and Compliance Officer

Ereena Vikram, with 8 years of versatile experience, oversees legal, secretarial, and various compliance functions in our company. A gold medalist in law from Patna University, her expertise fortifies our company’s commitment to adhering to the highest standards of compliance and governance.

Alex Varghese

Chief Financial Officer

A cornerstone in our financial management, Alex Varghese has been orchestrating the financial symphony of our company since 1995. His hands-on approach and vast experience have been pivotal in steering the financial direction of our company towards stability and growth.

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Step into Shankara’s Investor Hub – your exclusive portal into our financial world. This space, crafted for our respected investors and partners, offers a wealth of insights into our fiscal milestones, expansion strategies, and the pivotal moves shaping our future.

Nurturing Communities, Building Futures

Our CSR Initiatives

At Shankara Buildpro, our commitment extends beyond commerce. We’re driven by a vision of community empowerment and enrichment. Aligning with esteemed non-profit partners, our CSR initiatives reflect our dedication to societal advancement and holistic growth. Through targeted projects, we aim to foster sustainability and well-being, ensuring a brighter tomorrow for all. Join us on this journey of positive change.
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