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At Shankara Building Products Ltd, we pride ourselves on being India’s premier destination for home improvement and building materials. Serving both homeowners and professionals for decades, we have cemented our reputation as the trusted one-stop solution for quality, variety, and expertise. Our extensive range, which encompasses over 30,000+ SKUs, is a testament to our commitment to cater to every building and renovation need. With a rich legacy and an unyielding passion for excellence, we stand at the intersection of tradition and innovation, always aiming to elevate the building experience in India.
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Investor Central

Step into Shankara’s Investor Hub – your exclusive portal into our financial world. This space, crafted for our respected investors and partners, offers a wealth of insights into our fiscal milestones, expansion strategies, and the pivotal moves shaping our future.

Nurturing Communities, Building Futures

Our CSR Initiatives

At Shankara Buildpro, our commitment extends beyond commerce. We’re driven by a vision of community empowerment and enrichment. Aligning with esteemed non-profit partners, our CSR initiatives reflect our dedication to societal advancement and holistic growth. Through targeted projects, we aim to foster sustainability and well-being, ensuring a brighter tomorrow for all. Join us on this journey of positive change.