Plumbers, Contractors, Fabricators meet across Shankara stores

Shankara Buildpro conducted Plumbers and Contractors Meet across its various stores in Bengaluru. It was a meeting held to showcase the wide range of products it has on offer. The meetings were held in coordination with its leading partner brands across categories of TMT, Cement, Sanitaryware, Tiles, Electricals, Plumbing etc.

The Build with Buildpro scheme was also explained to the customers and the benefits accruing out of that. The meetings help build a stronger connect with the customers. Shankara Buildpro also felicitated some of its loyal customers in these meets. It also provides an opportunity for the partner brands to reach out directly to these customers explaining the advantages of their products.

There have been 31 meets held in the last three months. Through this we have been able to reach 1000 prospective customers. The number of participating brands were 20.

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