1. Creditors

Shankara Building Products Limited-Outstanding Creditors as on December 31,2016

In accordance with the provisions of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2009 ("SEBI Regulations"), as amended, please see below a list of creditors of Shankara Building Products Limited as on December 31, 2016, on an aggregated basis:

Please note that this information is being provided pursuant to provisions of Schedule VIII (Part A)(2)(X)(A)(2)(iii) of the SEBI Regulations. Potential investors should not rely on the information provided herein for any investment decisions.

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Particuars No.of creditors Aggrigate amount due(amount is in INR millions)
Amount due less than 1 lakh 578 15.97
Amount due 1 lakh&:above and less than 5 lakhs 216 51.35
Amount due 5 lakh&:above and less than 10 lakhs 73 51.60
Amount due 10 lakh&:above 142 1776.97

2. Corporate Governance

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3. Policies

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h. Policy for Material Subsidiaries Click Here

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k. Policy on criteria for determining RPT Click Here

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4. Notices

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5. Grievance Redressal

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6. Committee

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